The Story

Detail’s studio has taken quite a tour of the city centre over its relatively short life. We started out in a ‘compact’ two-man office in the former Triangle, sought more room in the historic Knott Mill area, before finally settling in our new duplex studio habitat.

You’ll now find us in Central Manchester’s Northern Quarter. On Tib Street, to be precise - an area that used to be pet-shop-central. Aptly enough, we now have a hell of a lot more room to swing a notional cat.

To mark our arrival we designed and commissioned a thoroughly on-brand bird cage, inspired by our building’s heritage. A video of its creation became our moving card.

Well, it was definitely different. And it neatly bypassed the issue of sending a card to clients and suppliers only for it to end up in the recycler. We like to keep our new habitat as green as possible.

The Deliverables

– Concept
– Design
– Production